Parents Shocked By Photos of Explicit Content at Liberty Library

by | Nov 5, 2021

Update 11/29/2021: The Liberty PAC has now removed the graphic images from our website as we believe hosting them may no longer serve any value to the public. This article has been updated to include some descriptions of the content in lieu of the images.

Update 11/10/2021: On Tuesday, November 10th, the issue of content in the Library was addressed in the monthly City Council meeting of the City of Liberty. More information is available here.

Update 11/9/2021: The most explicit images have now been blurred, but readers should still be advised they contain graphic content not suitable for children.

Local parents are horrified after photos shared to social media reveal explicit content in a book being promoted to children at the Liberty Municipal Library.

“I couldn’t even finish going through the pictures.” wrote one commenter. “This is not ok.”

On Wednesday evening, Whitney Brents, a frequent patron of the library, was browsing the children’s section with her two young children when she saw the book on display and picked it up to look inside.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes. There has been a growing political bias in the content curated at the library, but different ideas and worldviews don’t intimidate me. My husband and I talk honestly and openly with our children and we work through differing opinions as a family and try to understand opposing viewpoints.” said Brents.  “But this crosses so many boundaries. It’s not acceptable.”

The appalled mother told The Liberty PAC that after documenting the content, she immediately took the book to the Librarian, Dana Abshier, who thanked her for bringing it to her attention.

“She was very understanding and helpful. She too seemed genuinely shocked about the content. She explained that it ‘must have gotten through’. I am not sure what that means.. what it ‘got through’, but it could have easily been picked up by one of my children. Then, she and I would have been having a very different conversation.”

The book, consisting of 99 questions young children supposedly really want to know about sex, includes grapic artwork such as a man with a large penis wrapped around his body. 

It includes such questions as “What is porn?”, which depicts a man holding a pornographic magazine showing a nude man with his head burried between the bare breasts of a nude woman.
Another page depicts fully need people on a nude beach, genitals fully exposed. Another page answers the question, “Who is ontop during sex?”, whuch includes a fully naked male ontop a fully naked female enaged in intercourse.

Yet another page in this children’s book posed the question, “Are there different penises?” The book affirms the differences of male genitalia, and includes a graphic illustration of around a dozen adult male penises of varying shapes, sizes, etc.

Still another page presents the question, “What goes on in a sex shop?”, answered in part with cartoon images of mannequins decked out in lingerie surrounded by various sex toys–presumably all to help transport child consumers right into the storefront of a sex shop.

Other pages ask, “Why can’t young children have sex?” and another, “Are girls born with a clitoris?” The answers, written for a child audience, include such rich and educational information (please don’t miss the sarcasm) as, “many kids do like to cuddle or tickle one another under the blankets.. “some children like to touch their own bodies when they are alone and feel sexual pleasure..” and “Even little babies can feel pleasure when they rub their clitoris.”

“I am grateful I was there. It’s not uncommon for my kids to browse the children’s area of the library and kind of do their own thing. This book was placed at eye level for children to notice, and I imagine other kids were exposed to its contents,” added Brents.

City officials have agreed to place this issue on the agenda for next week’s meeting. Area citizens hope the Council will be able to explain how this content made it into the children’s section of the library.

The Liberty PAC would also like to know who, at the taxpayer-funded city library, is responsible for exposing children at the Library to pornography, and how they’ll be held accountable. At least one commenter on social media agreed something needs to be done, writing, “[Officials] need to find the pervert that approved putting these books in the library and charge them with making pornography available to children!”

Parents should also be aware that while this content is certainly a grievous breach of the public’s trust in Library staff, it is hardly the only title they should be leery of. Library visitors have noted a glaring political bias with the content at the library. Various titles about sexual orientation, sex, sexual identity, critical race theory, environmentalism, etc., permeate the shelves, even in the children’s area.

On Thursday morning, an Open Records Request was submitted to the City of Liberty which may shed some light on how this particular book–and others–made it into circulation at the library. The Liberty PAC will share the outcome of those requests.

It should be noted that thus far, City officials have not given any indication that this issue isn’t being treated seriously or that it won’t be dealt with appropriately. Their supportiveness and respect for the seriousness of this issue is to be applauded.

Explicit content in libraries is hardly only a local issue. Recently, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott spoke out against “pornographic” material in public school libraries, although conservative critics say he isn’t doing enough to protect Texas children.

Note: Whitney Brents is the wife of The Liberty PAC co-founder, Tommy Brents.