ELECTION SHOCK: Tax Increases Denied Countywide

by | Nov 3, 2021

In a truly shocking outcome, Election Day 2021 saw Liberty County voters soundly deny every local tax increase proposition in the County. Voters obviously agreed, “It’s OK to Vote No!”

In a Letter to the Editor of Bluebonnet News, co-founder of The Liberty PAC, Emily Cook, wrote: “Normal, hard-working citizens are saying, ‘It doesn’t matter how worthy your project may be, I literally have no more money to give you.'”

Hospital District President, Bruce Stratton, in a Letter to the Editor of his own, wrote, “The community was the big loser in the overwhelming defeat of the Hospital District bond proposal.. We wished first class healthcare for this area but you have chosen for it not to be.”

With a curious parting shot, Stratton lamented the failure of local school district propositions saying, “We also express sadness for the failure of the school district bond issues, since education is the future of this country.

In response to Stratton, Cook rebutted adding, “The response [of these election results] should not be one of talking down to the voters or expressing disappointment that an unrelated second tax increase didn’t pass, throwing in the ‘but it’s for the children’ line for good measure.”

Cook concluded her letter stating plainly,  “No one is against healthcare. No one hates the kids. What people are unhappy about is the seemingly tone-deaf nature of our leaders – from local boards to the White House.”

Clearly, with the support of The Liberty PAC’s “Vote No” campaign, elected officials have been put on notice. The days of governing like dark blue northeast liberals in deep red southeast Texas are over. Tax payers have a new advocate with a loud voice, and they aren’t afraid to use it.

Election Results

Liberty County Hospital District
Proposition A – 821 for, 2,278 against
Proposition B – 860 for, 2,242 against


Cleveland Independent School District
Proposition A – 439 for, 493 against

Liberty County ESD #2 Prop A
Proposition A – 74 for, 120 against

Liberty Independent School District Prop A
Proposition A – 527 for, 700 against